Cadillac Margarita Recipe

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the ultimate cadillac margarita recipe what makes it an ultimate the premium ingredients of course and the delicious balance of flavors many people attest that this is the best margarita ever this ultimate cadillac margarita is the number one three recipe on my blog, in general the margarita is not a light cocktail you have to remember that its made mostly of liquor and that grand marnier is 80proof the same strength as the average tequila in the proportions given in the recipe above the cadillac margarita has an alcohol content of around 27 percent abv 54 proof, the cadillac of margaritas the cadillac margarita this premium margarita cocktail contains tequila cointreau or triple sec fresh lime juice and a float of grand marnier its the kind of tequila cocktail you bust out with you really want to impress your date 1 rim edge of margarita , cadillac margarita recipe perhaps the most popular happy hour drink outside of beer or wine margaritas are meant to be paired with sun sand and good company but then there are the things we agree on all of us prefer a margarita on the rocks all of like those rocks to be cracked not crushed and we only ever use freshlysqueezed lime juice so after much debate here is our version of the classic margarita well a classic cadillac margarita that is, while a standard cadillac margarita is often made with any old premium tequila the best one to choose is a reposado reposado tequilas unlike blanco tequilas are briefly aged in oak barrels resulting in a light golden spirit that is round and mellow with some vanilla twinges, classic cadillac margarita recipe with grand marnier floating on top for extra burst of citrus flavor 21 photo by james m adapted from , home drink recipes liqueur recipes cadillac margarita cadillac margarita the barkeep rate this drink 321 by 39 users loading the caddy of cocktails online since 1995 cdkitchen has grown into a large collection of delicious recipes created by home cooks and professional chefs from around the world we are all about tasty treats good eats and fun food, do you know what makes a margarita a cadillac margarita ill show you in this video how to make a cadillac margarita with grand marnier by rockin robin best margarita recipe duration

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