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meredith watson born in 1979 is an american homemaker and controversial personality from durham north carolina watson is another woman who accused justin fairfax american politician and lawyer of sexual assault, meredith watsons lawyers put out a statement on friday detailing her claim that she was raped by fairfax in 2000 when they were both undergraduates at duke university mr fairfaxs attack was premeditated and aggressive watsons lawyers said, a friend of meredith watson one of the two women whove said fairfax sexually assaulted them tells the new york times that watson told him in 2001 that she was raped by exnba player corey , meredith watson lives in maryland when i came forward to report that virginia lt gov justin fairfax raped me when we were both duke university students in 2000 i did so to support another meredith watson is the second woman to accuse virginia lt governor justin fairfax of sexual assault watsons attorney released a statement friday alleging that watson was raped by fairfax in , the claims were made in a statement by the attorneys of meredith watson who has also said virginia lt gov justin fairfax sexually assaulted her on the universitys durham north carolina , meredith watson who less than two weeks ago accused virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax of raping her when they were both duke university students back in 2000 says she is now willing to , the woman meredith watson accused mr fairfax of raping her in 2000 while they were students at duke university saying in a statement that his actions were premeditated and aggressive and meredith watson said the incident was a premeditated and aggressive assault in 2000 while she and justin fairfax were undergraduate students at duke university, l ast week meredith watson publicly accused virginias lieutenant governor justin fairfax of raping her when they were in college together nearly two decades ago now another part of her past

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